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Food Security Program

Food Program - Meeting the most basic need

Obstacles to Palestinian food security:

  • One-third of households in the West Bank and Gaza are food insecure
  • The unemployment rate fluctuates wildly, especially in Gaza, where it stands at 42%
  • 26% of all Palestinians live in poverty (defined as less than $2 per day)

Sources: UN, PCBS

Combating Hunger

  • A donation of $120 will cover the cost of a food parcel for an extended family of eight for one month
  • A larger donation of $240, $480, $960 or more will help us serve even more families

Imagine going to sleep at night with an empty stomach, being so poor that you cannot afford to buy nutritious food, the most basic human need.

In the rural areas of Palestine and Palestinian refugee camps in the region, thousands face that hardship every day. UNRWA and international aid organizations do what they can, but the need is vast.

The problem isn’t limited to children—all generations are impacted. In Palestine, one out of every three households are food insecure.

Nearly two-thirds of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon report a lack of regular access to nutritious food.

Families that experience chronic disease, disability or are headed by women, are even more vulnerable.

Those who cannot afford regular access to nutritious food must reduce their food portions or skip meals. Many regularly go without eating for an entire day.

Increasing instability in the region and the influx of Palestinian refugees from Syria to Lebanon cause unemployment, greater poverty and deeper food insecurity.

The Food Security Program combats Palestinian hunger and under-nutrition by distributing food parcels to at-risk households, with items purchased locally to support the Palestinian economy.

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