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Children's Fund Quarterly Report - July-September 2015

Children's Fund Quarterly Report
The UPA Children's Fund touches the lives of hundreds of Palestinian children each quarter of the year. UPA partners with local non-profit organizations specializing in children's education and health. They are dedicated to fostering the potential among Palestine's most vulnerable communities, with a special focus on the impoverished, disabled and orphaned. During the previous quarter, UPA awarded the following grants:

Cultural and Social Nashet Association (Saida, Lebanon)

A positive development of young girls' status is encouraged by creating a safe place for 50 children and adolescent girls in Ein El-Hilweh camp through artistic, cultural and outdoor activities: handicrafts, poetry, folkloric dancing, summer activities and life skills sesssions."

According to UNRWA, 63% of Palestine refugees are jobless; 70% of Palestine refugees in Lebanon are poor and cannot meet their minimal food and non-food livelihood requirements, and 6.6% are extremely poor. Poverty was higher among refugees living inside the camps than those in gatherings.

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (Project in Gaza Strip)

The sea festival helps revive the musical and cultural life of the Gaza Strip, enhances the cultural infrastructure in Gaza and supports local ensembles and bands from all genres, by providing them with the opportunity to perform in the festival. The project builds on the ongoing efforts of the Gaza Music School, the ESNCM branch in Gaza, in relation to nurturing the creative capacities and diversity that can sustain public life in Gaza.

Since its establishment in 2008, the GMS became a conducive environment to the promotion of children's rights, as well as artistic freedom of expression as integral parts of basic human rights and freedoms.

Young Women's Christian Association (Jericho, West Bank)

Enhancement of children's livelihoods at the YWCA KG in Aqbet Jaber refugee camp, through providing a secure and safe haven for learning.

The YWCA was one of the first organizations that offered services to the Palestinian refugees after the Nakba in 1948 and started its center at Aqbet Jaber refugee camp, even before UNRWA was established, thus setting up through the years a good and reputable multi-functional community-based center that gained respect and developed a community sense of ownership.

The YWCA has always been responsive to local needs, providing quality services to the local community members.

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