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Ayat BeforeAyat Alnjar was born in Hebron with an incomplete left cleft lip. Hebron is about 26 miles south of Ramallah, home of the Embracing Life Program (ELP) Surgical Unit located in the Palestine Medical Complex. Anywhere else in the world, going 26 miles takes about 30 minutes or so, even in traffic. That is not the case in the West Bank, especially if you are Palestinian, like Ayat.

Ayat was scheduled to undergo the first of a series of surgeries and procedures to correct her cleft lip in May 2016. Because of checkpoints and other impediments to Palestinian freedom of movement in the West Bank, what seems like a simple 26-mile drive can easily turn into a day trip.

Ayat After

Ayat’s family’s journey started around 8 AM the morning of her surgery and ended almost eight hours later when they finally arrived in Ramallah. ELP Master Surgeon Dr. Wa'el Halaby immediately greeted Ayat and her family that afternoon and quickly examined her. Her surgery was completed the next day.

“We will continue following up with her and see her progress after one month and one year,” said Hassan Zawahrah, ELP research coordinator.


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Muhammad before surgeryBEFORE Muhammad after surgeryAFTER