Transforming lives, empowering communities since 1978

  • Children's Fund

    Children are disproportionately affected by the occupation and conflict that surrounds them. Unemployment rates of 25% in the West Bank and 40% in Gaza mean that one in three families cannot afford a balanced meal.

  • Embracing Life Program

    Imagine that your child is born with a facial difference – a difference so startling that it makes an experienced delivery nurse gasp. Imagine the dreams for your child being chased away.

  • Emergency Relief Fund

    Unfortunately, the prospect of conflict and emergency needs are ever-present in Palestine. Emergency medical personnel in Palestine face particularly trying conditions.

  • Food Security Program

    In refugee camps and rural areas of Palestine, thousands face hunger every day. And their struggle goes largely unnoticed.

  • Healing Through Feeling Program

    Healing emotional wounds in Gaza.

  • Outreach and Public Education

    UPA seeks to educate the general public and raise awareness about Palestinian history, language and culture.

  • Scholarship Program

    Providing scholarships for qualified students is important for the development of their futures as well the development of the community. Supplying the population with doctors, engineers, nurses, architects, and other qualified professionals increases the living standards, economic state, and...

  • Small Business Development

    The Small Business Development program provides unemployed Palestinian adults with business training, start-up resources and the confidence they need to start or expand their own business.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Program

    Imagine being unable to meet your basic needs, to be without adequate food, clothing or shelter, for just one day.