Transforming lives, empowering communities since 1978

Ramallah District (central West Bank)

An-Nahda Women's Association – Rehabilitation Center provides a special education program that offers year round services to over 150 children with mental disabilities and to slow learners, aged 6-12, from Ramallah, Al-Bireh and the surrounding villages.  This program includes vocational training in carpentry, in which the students can make toys for the local area children.  UPA funded an expansion of the vocational training program in 2010. In addition to working with mentally disabled students, An-Nahda also maintains an audiology and speech pathology center.

Palestine Cleft Society (PCS)

Society of In’ash El-Usra was founded in 1965 with the aim of empowering Palestinian women and serving various sectors of the community.  The role of the Society of Ina’ash El-Usra has grown to be vital especially in dealing with the enormous economic, social, and political hardships emanating from the occupation. UPA has funded the Umm al-Abed Barghouti Education Fund in Al-Bireh, just outside Ramallah, since 2008, providing scholarships to dozens of needy students with Ina’sh El-Usra in the West Bank to attend university.

Young Women’s Christian Association-Palestine (YWCA)